History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our Founders 
Ira & Judy Handley are former residents of Hamlin, WV, moving to Danville in 1967 when they established Handley Funeral Home.

Ira is a 1965 graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, and was licensed by the WV Board of Funeral Directors as an Embalmer and Funeral Director in the same year. Judy has always been very active in the day to day operations of the funeral home as office manager.

Our Starting Place

In 1967 we purchased Bradshaw Funeral Home, and began the establishment of Handley Funeral Home. The existing building was used and has been steadily renovated until this present day. The first major renovation was begun in 1972 with another renovation following in 1978, going from what you see here to a modern and up to date facility that you will see as you browse the Facilities section of this web site.

Our Valued Staff

Ira  Handley

Ira Handley, Owner & Mortician

Ira has owned and operated Handley Funeral Home since its beginning and has been a licensed mortician for 41 years. He is a past president of the WV Funeral Directors Association and past member of the Policy Board for the National Funeral Directors Association.

Judy  Handley

Judy Handley, Owner and Office Manager

Judy is very active in the day to day operation of the funeral home, and keeps the business operations up to date and running smoothly.

J. T.  Handley

J. T. Handley, Mortician

J. T. is the son of Ira & Judy Handley. He has been a licensed mortician for 28 years, and he also manages Danville Monument Co. a subsidiary of Handley Funeral Home, Inc.

Jeannie  Hale

Jeannie Hale, Assistant Office Manager

Jeannie has been a full time member of the staff since 2002.

Billy Silva

Billy Silva, Funeral Attendant

Billy is a life long resident of Boone County. Graduated from Scott High School in 1981. He went to work in restaurants and a hardware store until going into Ministry in 1991. For the first 10 years, he Evangelized in WV and then became a Pastor in 2001. Billy joined Handley Funeral Home in 2014.

Tony Vance

Tony Vance, Funeral Director

Tony began his funeral career in 1988 the same year he married his wife Te Te. He graduated from Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 1990. He was soon licensed as a Funeral Director/Embalmer. Tony and his wife have two children; Lydia & Caleb.

Kent Hall

Kent Hall, Funeral Director

Kent is from Hamlin, WV currently residing in Pleasant View. He is a graduate of Hamlin High School in 1981, Marshall University in 1987 and Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 1988. He has worked for Handley Funeral Home since October 1985.

Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart, Funeral Director

Scott “Scotty” was a 1990 graduate of Scott High School. He graduated from Mid America College of Funeral Service in 1996 and became a licensed funeral director in 1997. He is married to his wife Heather and they have one son, Thomas. He has been an employee since 1992.